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"Academics in the U.S. are a privileged breed: we do work we love without political or social constraints to temper our views. We owe it to fellow academics less fortunate than ourselves to support and assist them, as scientists, journalists, artists, and others have done for their peers."
- Jacqueline Bhabha, Professor and Co-Chair Scholars at Risk Committee

"Scholars at Risk is a program that would not exist if the world were a better place. But in a dark time it is absolutely necessary. More than fifty years ago, a small number of enlightened educational institutions struggled to provide protection to scholars threatened by Nazi persecution. A comparable struggle, based on the solidarity and compassion of scholars, is once again incumbent upon us."
- Stephen Greenblatt, Professor and Co-Chair Scholars at Risk Committee

The solidarity of American universities towards scholars facing persecution has been critically important at various junctures in world history. Today the threats to academic freedom are more varied and geographically dispersed but no less intense. The Scholars at Risk Program at Harvard has been the largest, most vigorously active, and most successful program of its kind in the country, and perhaps in the world. A member of an international network of participating universities, Harvard SAR has provided sanctuary to dozens of professors, lecturers, researchers, writers, and other intellectuals who are at risk. The risk may be related to the scholar’s work, but it may also be a consequence of the scholar’s ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or political opinions. By supplying ten-month academic positions to excellent and accomplished scholars in need, Harvard SAR helps scholars to escape dangerous conditions and to continue their important work.


If you are a Harvard staff member, faculty member, or student, and you know of someone who might benefit from this program, please consider submitting a nomination. Nominations are also accepted from concerned individuals outside of Harvard, or directly from scholars interested in applying for the fellowship on their own behalf.


Application Timeline:

While the deadline for the 2013-2014 academic year has passed, nominations submitted past the deadline are always considered in emergency cases. The deadline for nominations for the 2014-2015 academic year is December 15, 2013. Nomination forms are available by clicking here.


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